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Jenni Rope (b. 1977) works with painting, mobile sculpture, pattern design and book art. In her abstract paintings she is layering with dry brush strokes and colour areas, trying to achieve something that is both strong and delicate. In her mobile sculpture works she is interested in shapes that appear during the process, but also finding the balance in unexpected. Since 1997, Rope has been publishing comics, artists’ books and flipbooks under the name Napa Books. Among other works, she has made pattern design for Marimekko, Nanso and Vimma. Rope lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She is currently working on her upcoming solo exhibition at Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki (Feb 2019).

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Tel. +358 (0)50 518 6616
Instagram: @jennirope

(Photo: Aleksi Poutanen)