Jenni Rope (b. 1977) is a Finnish artist working in a diverse range of disciplines, from painting to mobile sculpture, pattern design, book art and public art projects.

Jenni’s work is based on an intuitive process that builds an image layer by layer. Her latest works are inspired by the world of patterns, rhythms of nature and accidental shapes. The immersive paintings encourage slower viewing, and the slow movement of the mobile sculptures guide you to explore and sense the works from multiple angles.  In her work she challenges the limits of fine art and design, as well as explores the abstract space between painting and sculpture.

She has been exhibited at Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki, Fotokino in Marseille and Case Gallery in Tokyo, among others. Her work is found in many private collections and in the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection and the Finnish State Art Collection. In addition, Rope has made various pattern designs for Finnish brands including Marimekko, Vimma and Mum’s. She lives and works in Helsinki. 

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