There’s a kinetic energy present in Jenni Rope’s work – from patterned paintings layered with cascading brush strokes, to the very literal, albeit subtle motion of her mobile sculptures. The Helsinki-based artist uses an intuitive process to realise her creations, which challenge the limits of fine art and design. While her recent works on paper were inspired by pattern, rhythms of nature and accidental shapes, her mobile pieces often consist of elements that are tried and true, returning to familiar forms that she describes as “round, warm shapes with a positive feel in them”.                                                                                                     
                             – Stephanie Hartman, Wrap magazine, Issue 13, 2023

In Jenni Rope’s paintings, broad brushstrokes flow like a thought. They repeat – often in similar, serial patterns – meander, collide, intertwine, and continue naturally from one work to another. The painted forms convey a rhythm and movement that undulates and breaks, capturing the gaze.

                            – Sanna Lipponen, art critic & writer, 2023

Jenni Rope (b. 1977) is a Finnish artist working in a diverse range of disciplines, from painting to mobile sculpture, textile design, book art and public art projects. Her work has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2004, from Stockholm’s Finnish Institute Gallery to Marseille’s Fotokino Gallery and Tokyo’s Case Gallery. Lately Rope has worked increasingly on public art projects in Finland. Her work is found in many private collections, in the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection, HAM Helsinki Art Museum Collection, Oulu Art Museum Collection and the Finnish State Art Collection. In addition, Rope has made various pattern designs for Finnish brands including Marimekko, Vimma and Mum’s. She lives and works in Helsinki.


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