In Jenni Rope's paintings, broad brushstrokes flow like a thought. They repeat – often in similar, serial patterns – meander, collide, intertwine, and continue naturally from one work to another. The painted forms convey a rhythm and movement that undulates and breaks, capturing the gaze.

The compositions are strikingly powerful. A recurring form can dominate without losing the lightness or airiness of the movement. Even though the shapes bend and twist, there is a sense of tranquility and of motion. The impressions of liveliness and lightness are strongly connected to the spatial and layered aspects of the paintings.

Rope combines colours and forms intuitively and skilfully. The viewer is drawn to the expressive quality of wide strokes — created with a dry brush — and painterly details, such as drips and small splatters. Tension is maintained by how the forms appear to oscillate between abstract and figurative. At times, the titles of the works act as signposts, guiding interpretation in the direction of stitches, knots, tumult, beans, or nuts. Rope's brushstrokes can interweave like threads or fabric patterns, shine like a sunbeam, or flow like rainwater.

The paintings come into being gradually and intermittently, layer by layer. In the rhythms and organic forms of the paintings, one can discern the echoes of collected ferns, large dividing leaves, and dense vegetation.

Rope is a versatile artist, working with various media from painting to kinetic sculptures, textile design, books, and public art. Regardless of the medium, her distinctive and recognizable style remains consistent throughout. What also unites her works is her deep understanding and interest in the selected tools and materials, as well as her desire to explore their possibilities.


                Sanna Lipponen

                       (Translation by Robin Ellis)


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