Jenni Rope          
Current exhibition

Blue Things
Jenni Rope & Matti Pikkujämsä

Lokal, Annankatu 9, Helsinki, Finland
June 13th – August 19th, 2018

CASE gallery, Tokyo, Japan
October 12th – 21st, 2018

Coming up

February 2019 / Solo exhibition at Galerie Forsblom Studio, Helsinki

February 2018 / Artist book Noodles published by Helsinki-based Rooftop Press
March 2018 / Pehmo - Soft mobile sculpture installation at Annantalo in Helsinki, Finland
May 2018 / Launch of Mobiles E & W in Helsinki, Finland
July – August 2018 / Blue Things exhibition with Matti Pikkujämsä at Lokal, Helsinki, Finland
October 2018 / Blue Things exhibition with Matti Pikkujämsä at Case Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


January 2017 / Group exhibition TypoCraftHelsinki travels to Gallery Factory, Soul, South Korea
April 2017 / Group exhibition Salone del 'Mobàil' at Casa Corraini, Milan, Italy
May – Sept 2017 / Group exhibition Backstage at Joensuu Art Museum ONNI, Joensuu, Finland
May 2017 / Taking part in Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki, Finland
May 2017 / Mobile 11 - A commissioned artwork for Aalto EE offices in Helsinki, Finland
September 2017 / Picture book 'Pallen & Monkon kumma päivä' published by Etana Editions
September 2017 / Workshop at Napa School for Kids, 17.9. at Annantalo, Helsinki, Finland
October 2017 / Exhibiting with Napa Books at The Tokyo Art Book Fair , Japan
November 2017 / Guest artist at Göra Workshop Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
December 2017 / Taking part in The Spiral Take Art Collection at Spiral Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


March – April 2016 / Group exhibition at Lokal, Helsinki, Finland
May 2016 / Interviews in Metal Magazine and in Helsinki Design Weekly
May 2016 / Exhibition at Riga Zine Festival, Latvia
August 2016 / Mobile installation as part of the Art Goes Kapakka, Helsinki, Finland
September 2016 / Solo exhibition and Mobile book launch at Galleria Huuto, Helsinki, Finland
October 2016 / Artist talk at the seminar "The book as a contemporary Art form", Uttersberg, Sweden
November 2016 / Exhibition with POE at Make Your Mark Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
November 2016 / Exhibition and artist talk at Grafixx Festival, Antwerpen, Belgium
December 2016 / Received William Thuring Prize from The Finnish Art Society


February 2015 / Group exhibition Mikä Mikä at Lokal, Helsinki, Finland
April 2015 / Napa Flip Book Kiosk tour starts at Lokal Helsinki
May 2015 / Works & Napa Flip Book Kiosk at Zone Sensible, Saint-Denis, France
September 2015 / Group exhibition TypoCraft at Lokal, Helsinki, Finland
September 2015 / Residency at LPP, San Francisco, USA
November 2015 / Napa Flip Book Kiosk at Bergen Art Book Fair, Bergen, Norway
Nov 2015 – Feb 2016 / Works in the exhibition Play at Borély Museum, Marseille, France